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Millennium Golf Discs Standard Scorpius

Millennium Golf Discs Standard Scorpius
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The Millennium Standard Scorpius is a high speed, ultra-long range overstable distance driver. It is a step below the Quasar in terms of speed and fade, but will provide excellent distance and control for into-the-wind conditions. This disc golf driver is recommended for moderate-powerful throwers who need something with dependable fade and sustained glide. This is the 1.4 Run. Colors available are blue, orange, red and yellow.

Best for Intermediate and Advanced players, but suitable for beginners if using lighter weights.

Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

Millennium Standard is a premium plastic that combines precision grip, scuff-resistance and durability at affordable price.

*Please note that the disc pictured may not be the disc you receive. The exact color run and stamp design may vary. We do our best to accommodate your disc selection based on the information you provide. Thank you!

Part Numbers

MI019-DD 210000065240