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Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen
$11.99 - $12.99
Banana Boat® Sport Ultra is a high-performance sunscreen specifically designed for the sport enthusiast and active individual who wants protection that will stay on while they play on. This lightweight, breathable formula is perfect for the sweatiest outdoor activities and provides clinically proven UVA/UVB protection so that you can protect the fun.
Nocs Provisions Woven Tapestry Strap
A comfortable and stylish woven strap for binoculars or cameras
Counter Assault Bear Spray w/Holster
8.1 oz Counter Assault Bear Deterrent with Belt Holster 32 feet spray distance - 7 seconds spray duration Contains 2% Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids, the maximum allowed by law. Works on all bear species to deter bears from attacking humans. Great for Backpacking and Hiking. Counter Assault Bear Spray's NEW innovative formula produces the optimal combination of spray time and spray distance. Deploys a high volume, powerful, atomized blast of highly concentrated pepper spray to deter a bear attack. Registered with the EPA, and meets the requirements of the EPA Significant new Alternative Policy (SNAP) of the Clean Air Act relating to ozone depleting substances. 4 year shelf life. Expiration date on each canister. Made in Montana. Glow in the dark safety wedge with tie string. Every can leak tested during manufacturing. Packaging is Recyclable. Originally developed in conjunction with the University of Montana. Produced by a grizzly bear encounter survivor. Recipient of the IGBC Stewardship Award for Research and Development of Bear Pepper Spray. Cannot be carried on commercial airplanes. Belt Holster fits both 8.1oz & 10.2oz Counter Assault Bear Spray canisters. Great for hiking and Backpacking Attaches easily to belts and packs Touch closure secures bear spray in the holster Designed to carry either the 8.1 oz. (230g) or 10.2 oz. (290g) canister of Counter Assault Bear Spray Sturdy nylon construction **This item is not eligible for shipping. Must be picked up in-store!**
Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars
Built from the ground up as a binocular ready for anything. Designed to pack easily and be held effortlessly, the Standard Issue is the binocular you wished you had all along. Top-shelf optics in a compact, go-anywhere package.
Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid, 2.0
The Adventure First Aid 2.0 is fully stocked for the most common injuries and illnesses encountered on the trail: sprains, fractures, cuts, scrapes, headaches, and allergic reactions. With enough supplies to treat a group of four on a day-long outing, the 2.0 is ideal for families, scouts, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor adventure. Adventure Medical Kits' exclusive Easy Care™ First Aid System organizes items by injury with injury-specific instruction cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid.
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