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$88.40 - $99.95
Super rugged transparent polycarbonate housing resists impacts without shattering. Innovative patented design so you can open and close the lid without tools. Extra wide, rain proof opening provides full access for loading, unloading, and finding items. Built in guides keep tie down straps in place so extra carrying case is not needed to attach to backpack. Larger capacity for the space you need and lighter for backpacking when every ounce counts. Grizzly & Black Bear Approved! BV450: Weight: 2 lbs. 1 oz. Food Capacity: 440 cu. in./4 days BV500: Weight: 2 lbs. 9 oz. Food Capacity: 700 cu. in./7 days
$16.99 - $31.49
The Adventure First Aid kits contain a multitude of supplies to treat cuts & scrapes, sprains, headaches, muscle aches, allergic reactions and larger wounds. Easy Care First Aid System organizes items by injury with Easy Care cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid. *Adventure 1.0: 1-2 people/1 day, 5" x 6.5" x 1"; Wt: 8 oz. *Adventure 2.0: 1-4 people/1 day, 6" x 8.5" x 1.5"; Wt: 1 lb. *Family First Aid Kit: 1 - 3 People/1-4 days, 6" x 8.5" x 3"; Wt: 1 lb 1 oz. The Adventure First Aid 1.0 contains supplies to treat cuts & scrapes, sprains, insect bites, headaches, muscle aches, and allergic reactions. Adventure Medical Kits' exclusive Easy Care™ First Aid System organizes items by injury with injury-specific instruction cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid. The Adventure First Aid 2.0 is fully stocked for the most common injuries and illnesses encountered on the trail: sprains, fractures, cuts, scrapes, headaches, and allergic reactions. With enough supplies to treat a group of four on a day-long outing, the 2.0 is ideal for families, scouts, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor adventure. Adventure Medical Kits' exclusive Easy Care™ First Aid System organizes items by injury with injury-specific instruction cards to help anyone quickly and confidently give first aid. While most family kits are designed to be kid-friendly, it is important to remember it will be adults who will be caring for little ones in the outdoors. From picnics at the park to hikes in the wilderness, this kit is ideal to take along wherever children may need care. The centerpiece of the Adventure First Aid Family Kit is the fully-updated new edition of Caring for Children in the Outdoors, a comprehensive guide to first-aid for children. Covering topics such as how to treat sprains, fractures, and dislocations, plus there are handy guides with instructions on how to administer medications and how to dress more serious wounds. A wide range of first aid supplies provides peace of mind for the whole family, and as an added bonus, the kit includes a handy kit-within-a-kit that can be pulled out and stashed in a pocket, stroller, or diaper bag.
The UCO Stormproof Match Kit is waterproof and includes 25 matches and spare strikers. Matches burn for around 15 seconds, no matter how harsh conditions may become. The matches are windproof, waterproof, and even continue burning underwater. A replaceable integrated striker is attached on the side of the Match Kit. *Color(s) shown may not reflect colors available. Please call us with any questions about colors available, otherwise we will randomly choose one for you!*
Offers basic wound and blister management supplies in a waterproof and ultra lightweight bag. See chart on website for contents. 0.5: 1 person/1-2 days. 7" x 5" x 1.5", 3.5 oz. 0.7: 1-2 people/1-4 days. 7" x 5" x 2.5", 6.5 oz.
GoGirl allows women the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom. It's reusable and can be washed with soap and water. It's made from flexible medical grade silicone which makes it easier to use because it conforms to the body. It comes in a discrete storage tube that fits easily into a purse or backpack. It’s great for camping, hiking traveling and germ conscious women of all ages.
Inexpensive rain protection at its best. Versatile poncho can also be used as a ground sheet, lean-to, wind break or temporary tarp. Totally waterproof, electronically welded seams, full-cut for a universal fit, lightweight but durable PEVA material, double-thick hems all around for improved strength, 2 snaps on each side to adjust fit for taller or shorter people, roomy hood, fits over many backpacks. Size: 52" x 80".
Ideal for camping, traveling cross-country or across town. Each unisex biodegradable landfill approved urine bag holds 24 ounces of liquid waste. Secure zipclose seal allows for reuse of bag. Contains Poo-Powder waste treatment that turns liquid to solid! Display carton contains 24 3-Pack Pee-Wee™ Urine Bags.
The Deuce #2 Ultralight Trowel, formerly known as The Deuce of Spades, weighs barely over one tablespoon of water. At .60 oz. it is a revolutionary backcountry latrine trowel. It can be used handle up or down. It is a nice balance between crazy-lightweight and overall toughness. Unique design quadruples the force for hard ground. Ridiculously tough 7075-T6 aluminum. Lifetime guarantee. Manufactured in the USA.
This mini multi tool clips easily to your key chain, backpack, or anywhere else hand, and offers problem-solving all day with its screwdriver head, scoring point, serrated edge, and of course, a bottle opener.
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