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Lone Star Disc Bravo Glow Bowie

Lone Star Disc Bravo Glow Bowie
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The Lone Star Bravo Glow Bowie is a fast, overstable distance driver with surprising glide. This disc golf driver is good for that Big “S” Curve and can handle some serious power!

Great for headwinds, forehand throws, and strategic doglegs.

Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3

Bowie Model Specs:
Max Weight: 175.1g
Diameter 21.1cm
Height: 1.7cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Bravo Glow Plastic - Smooth, soft, easy to grip with a lot of glide with a shot of glow. When “lit” the glow lasts a long time!

*Please note that the disc pictured may not be the disc you receive. The exact color run and stamp design may vary. We do our best to accommodate your disc selection based on the information you provide. Thank you!

Part Numbers

LS014-DD 210000079988