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Disc Golf

MVP Disc Sports MVP Entropy - Plasma
The Entropy is an overstable Putt and Approach disc designed for flights with reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade. It delivers as the overstable workhorse putter GYRO® fans have been waiting for. The Entropy has the premium grip and durability to become your go-to approach or high wind putter. The Entropy has arrived in Plasma plastic and is ready to be disc golf’s premier overstable putter! Plastic: Plasma Specs: CLASS: 10.5mm Putt / Approach WEIGHTS: 160g-175g DIAMETER: 21.2 RIM WIDTH: 10.5mm **Colors available may vary/differ from color(s) shown**
Straight-Stable The Nano is our mini marker disc. -The Nano is a mini disc suitable for playing mini disc golf or as a marker in competitive disc golf. It bears the same premium quality, aesthetics, and high production standards as our golf discs in half the diameter. Mark your lie in style, and reinforce that all-important confidence in your plastic. For those who enjoy throwing mini discs, the Nano has a versatile straight-stable flight that can be used for low-power indoor throws as well as high-power outdoor throws. The Nano is a must-have for every MVP thrower. -The Nano is currently the only MVP disc in the Mini Disc class. *Colors available may vary from shown; see note above* **For detail questions (colors available, etc.) please call us!**
The Motion is an overstable distance driver. CLASS 18.5mm Distance Drivers WEIGHTS 155g - 175g DIAMETER 21.1cm RIM WIDTH 18.5mm PDGA MAX WEIGHT 174.3 The Motion is designed to resist turnover from power or headwind during a long straight travel, followed by a reliable fade. Fans of the Resistor will appreciate the Motion’s extended distance with familiar characteristics. While it serves as a utility driver for average-power throwers, high-power throwers will find a trustworthy straight-to-overstable distance workhorse. Forehand throwers will find its overstability especially useful for torque resistance. *Colors available may vary from shown; see note above* **For detail questions (weights or colors available, etc.) please call us!**
MVP Disc Sports Reactor - Proton Eclipse 2.0 - Elaine King 5X Sig Series
Fission™ has come to the Reactor! When thinking about what the first midrange released in Fission™ plastic would be, the Reactor — beloved for its reliable flight — was a no-brainer first pick. CLASS 13mm Midrange Drivers WEIGHTS 155 - 180g DIAMETER 21.4cm RIM WIDTH 13mm -The Fission™ Reactor, thanks to Fission™ Microbubble Technology, is able to be molded all the way down to 155g and still retain its desired flight characteristics. You’ll now be able to enjoy the superb line-holding properties of GYRO® in an extremely reliable midrange, no matter how heavy you like your discs to be! Pick up a Fission™ Reactor today and experience the next step in Fission™ technology! *Colors available may vary from shown; see note above* **For detail questions (weights or colors available, etc.) please call us!**
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