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Virtual Banff This Year

Well, you could probably have guessed this was coming, but here’s the official word: Banff is going to be virtual this year.

With the pandemic affecting group gatherings and travel (specifically from Canada), the safest option to deliver the Banff content we all love is directly to your home.

Here’s how it’s going to work: From September 16-30, you’ll be able to stream a great line-up of movies right to your house for $15 per night or all three nights for $40. There’s going to be 3 unique film lineups, so if you want to replicate the feel of the Festival you totally can. You could binge them all, spread them out, whatever way you want to watch them. We’ll have the link for those tickets up as soon as Banff gets it to us, so watch this space for all the details.

A key point for these showings is that if you buy tickets for these shows, a portion of the ticket price comes back to Lawrence. These funds are what we use every year to help support various outdoor clubs in Douglas County.

Here’s hoping that next year we’ll be back in Liberty Hall, watching amazing films together, but for this year this is the right way to go.

Picture of list of films