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Paul & Doug riding

COVID-19 Update

Hello All, 

Thought we’d drop you all a note and update you on where we’re standing with the rapidly evolving virus situation. At the moment we’re taking everything day-by-day, but here’s where we’re at.

We’ve really wrestled with wanting to stay open to serve the needs of folks that depend on the outdoors for everything from transportation to mental health, but also not wanting to be part of spreading any contagion.

For the moment, we’re reducing our hours to the following: Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm.

All group rides and public gatherings emanating from the store have been postponed.

Obviously, we’re cleaning obsessively, including bikes as they come in and go out from service.

We’re limiting the number of folks in the building to 10 or less and keeping everyone spread apart per the most recent guidelines from the government.

Don’t wanna interact with a human at all? Feel free to shop our entire inventory online and we’ll ship it to you for free, or you can swing down the alley and we’ll throw it out the back door to you. We’re also available at, or, or (785) 843-5000 for anything you might need.

Got a bike to drop off? Use that same alley and we’ll come out and get it off the rack for you. Hell…call us and we’ll come pick it up at your house (and drop it off after).

As you know, these precautions are evolving rapidly and we’ll continue to adjust as necessary to provide safe options for folks to use the outdoors to get through these tough times.